Telangana Free Bus Travel: Eligibility & Services

Telangana Free Bus Travel: The Telangana Free bus Travel Scheme has been in operation since 9 December 2023, 1:30 pm. Under this scheme female and transgender who are citizens of Telangana can travel in TSRTC buses for free.

Telangana Free Bus Travel Scheme

Telangana started the free bus travel service in TSRTC for Women, girls and transgenders. The Telangana Free bus Travel Scheme is in action from 9 December 2023, 1:30 pm in TSRTC buses.

Women of all ages, girls (6-12) and transgenders are eligible for this scheme and they can travel in a TSRTC bus for free. The Government has decided a criteria to execute the process smoothly, they have set certain rules.

This facility is for Telangana citizens so they must carry an ID proof and need to take a “Zero Ticket” to get this facility. Passengers need to follow these guidelines to get a free facility.

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Where can people travel under the TSRTC Free bus Scheme?

Telangana Free Bus Travel: Eligibility & Services
Telangana Free Bus Travel

In Telangana, the free bus travel for women program includes all TSRTC services, such as city, regular, and express bus services. Women are limited to using free bus services inside Telangana as part of the program.

Tickets must be purchased for any travel to State boundaries, even if it starts in Telangana.

Women and transgenders of any age and girls (6-12) can travel in Palle Velugu, Express, City Ordinary,  and city metro buses under this scheme. The scheme is effective all days after 9 December noon.

It has been discovered that the TSRTC is investigating reimbursement options for complimentary travel for women. The amount that the government reimburses RTC will depend on how far ladies go.

Telangana Maha Laxmi Free Bus Service

The “Maha Lakshmi Free Bus” programme for women and the third gender in the State has been launched by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC).

Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy launched the free bus program on Saturday at 1:30 p.m. from the State Assembly grounds. It was stated that female ministers and MLAs would ride in the buses.

To provide a hassle-free experience, the government has issued certain guidelines. Identity documents are required for the application process to go smoothly like photo ID card, voter identity card, and Aadhar card.

These are required for the identity verification as this facility is available only for the citizens of Telangana.

Telangana Zero Ticket Bus Service

The free program is available on City Ordinary, Express, Metro Express, and PalleVelugu buses beginning on Saturday afternoon, according to TSRTC Managing Director VC Sajjanar.

The service is available to all women who are State citizens, meaning that they must only be Telangana residents. Women will receive a “Zero Ticket” if they can show acceptable identity documents that verify their residential address.

According to TSRTC authorities, women would not be restricted in the number of kilometers they may travel. The program will only be applicable for interstate travel up to the boundaries of the states.

TSRTC Free Bus Scheme Smart Cards

To facilitate the TSRTC Free Bus Travel Scheme for Women, the transport department would provide qualified recipients with “Telangana Smart Cards.” Within the following three months, these smart cards will be distributed.

It is important to remember, nevertheless, that this system does not apply to Metro Express, Metro Deluxe, Pallevelugu, Express, Deluxe, Super Luxury, luxury buses (including Rajadhani), non-AC sleepers, or Garuda Plus.

A comprehensive, step-by-step application process is provided for the Smart Card, which allows for free bus journeys. Beneficiaries who are eligible for women’s benefits may apply online via the TSRTC Portal.

Free Bus Travel Telangana Guidelines

Telangana State’s “free travel for women” program applies to the whole Telangana State Road Transport Corporation. The services offered are express, regular, and city buses.

Only inside the state of Telangana are women eligible for free bus transportation. Travel outside of the state, even if it begins in Telangana, requires the purchase of tickets.

Ladies have to carry their aadhar card or any other valid ID to get benefit of this scheme, this is mandatory.

To promote openness in financial transactions, the government would compensate the Road Transport Corporations based on the actual distance traveled by women.

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