Salaar Day 3 Box Office Collection: India & Global, OTT Release

Salaar Day 3 Box Office Collection: Advance buzz predicts a box office explosion for Salaar, with Day 1 collections in India estimated to land between a thunderous ₹80 Cr and a record-breaking ₹91 Cr.

Salaar Day 3 Box Office Collection

Advance booking numbers paint a promising picture. As of today, the film has garnered close to ₹60 crore (gross) across India, with the Telugu version leading the charge at ₹3.5 crore. The dubbed Hindi version has witnessed a 189% surge in its advanced sales, indicating strong anticipation in the north Indian market day 3 collection is 62cr total of 209cr.

Industry experts predict a thunderous debut, with estimates ranging from ₹70 crore to a whopping ₹80 crore for the domestic box office on opening day. This aligns with the phenomenal pre-sale numbers, fueled by Prabhas’ immense fan base and Prashanth Neel’s blockbuster directorial expertise (KGF Chapter 2).

Salaar OTT Release Date

Salaar OTT Release Date

No official release date for the OTT platform has been announced by the makers. word regarding the film’s OTT premiere date. This official silence leaves fans in a thrilling state of anticipation, waiting for the platform and date to be unveiled like a cinematic plot twist.

The 8-Week Window: In India, the standard theatrical-to-digital window typically spans around 8 weeks. This implies that Salaar could potentially grace streaming platforms sometime in February or March 2024. However, this is just a general guideline, and the actual timeline could deviate based on several factors.

Is Salaar a Hit or Flop?

With the film yet to release, declaring it a success or failure would be premature. However, the strong pre-release buzz, coupled with the track record of the lead actor and director, indicates a promising start.

The Hype is Real:

  • Booking craze: Salaar has already witnessed a thunderous response in bookings, raking in over ₹60 crore (gross) across India. The Telugu version leads the charge, indicating Prabhas’ immense fan base on his home turf.
  • North vs South Symphony: While there might be fewer screens for Salaar in North India compared to Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, single-screen theatres are gearing up for a Prabhas-fest.
  • Overseas bookings: Salaar’s pre-sale collection in the USA/Canada has crossed $1.51 million, surpassing Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan and placing it amongst the top 10 Indian openers of 2023 in North America.

Will Salaar be able to earn ₹1000 Cr?

Beyond Opening Day: Analysts anticipate a strong run post-release, with some hinting at a potential crossing of the ₹500 crore mark in India. However, the intense competition from other big-budget releases like Dunki, coupled with the volatility of audience reception, make the ₹1000 crore club a distant dream at this stage.

While the pre-release buzz is electrifying and predictions for opening day remain strong, intense competition from other big-budget releases and the uncertainty of sustaining momentum beyond the initial frenzy makes the billion-rupee milestone a tough climb.

However, never underestimate the magic of Prabhas’ fan power and Prashanth Neel’s directorial expertise. If the film delivers a mind-blowing cinematic experience and word-of-mouth becomes a raging inferno, anything is possible.

Salaar Budget


The official budget of Salaar remains under wraps, adding to the mystique surrounding the film. However, credible estimates suggest it lies somewhere between ₹300 crore and ₹400 crore.

This staggering sum places Salaar amongst the most expensive Indian films ever produced, amplifying the pressure on its box office performance. The makers will be hoping for a substantial return on investment to justify this grand cinematic endeavor.

Salaar Cast

Prabhas, the reigning Telugu superstar, takes center stage as the lead, promising to dazzle audiences with his action prowess. Shruti Haasan joins him as his leading lady, adding her charm and talent to the mix.

The supporting cast boasts seasoned veterans like Jagapathi Babu, Prakash Raj, Easwari Rao, and Madhu Guruswamy, each bringing their own experience and acting finesse to the screen. This stellar ensemble promises a captivating cinematic experience for viewers of all tastes.

The release of Salaar is just around the corner, and the excitement is palpable. As the film gears up for its theatrical debut, stay tuned for further updates on the official budget, trailer releases, and any exclusive glimpses into the action-packed world of Salaar.

With its high-octane promise and a powerhouse cast, Salaar is poised to be a cinematic spectacle worth witnessing on the big screen.

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