Jio Welcome Offer 5G Unlimited Data End of on Jan 1, 2024

Jio Welcome Offer 5G Unlimited Data: Early Jio 5G users in some cities received this reward. Along with plans, it included limitless 5G data. Its termination date is unknown as of December 25, 2023. 5G Unlimited Data Jio’s Last Date doesn’t confirm that it will close on January 1, 2024.

Jio Welcome Offer 5G Unlimited Data

In some cities, this incentive was extended to Jio 5G early adopters. In addition to the current plans, it offered extra 5G data that was limitless. As of now, December 15, 2023, 5G Unlimited Data Jio Last Date has not been formally announced.

There have been rumors that it would expire on January 1st, 2024, but Jio has not provided any solid confirmation. Reliance Jio has expanded the number of locations in which its 5G services are available to 85 by launching its 5G services in ten more cities.

Jio 5G Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited is now offering a promotional deal called the Jio True 5G Welcome deal, which gives genuinely limitless 5G internet at up to 1 Gbps speeds at no additional cost.

Now let’s learn more about the Jio 5G Welcome Offer, including how to start using 5G unlimited data on Jio and how to claim it.

Promo Name Jio Welcome Offer(Jio 5G Welcome Offer Unlimited Data)
Benefit Unlimited 5G Data for Eligible Subscribers
Network 5G
Speed Up to 1 Gbps
Price Free
Compatible with 5G devices
Region National-wide
Jio 5G Welcome Offer Link Jio app

Jio, for example, is widely known among the public for offering free internet to test out its infrastructure, much like it did in the days leading up to the 4G pre-launch. With the debut of 5G this time around as well, Jio is offering a Welcome Offer with Unlimited Data.

Jio Welcome Offer 5G Unlimited Data End of on Jan 1, 2024
Jio 5G

How to Claim Jio 5G Unlimited Data?

The Jio subscriber is qualified for the Jio 5G Unlimited Data Welcome Offer if they meet the first two requirements.

The qualified customer must recharge with the 5G Upgrade Plan of 61 to get the 5G unlimited data Jio perks. (Depending on your location, this recharge amount may vary, so double check in the 5G Upgrade Recharge area of the My Jio app.)

  • Jio hasn’t yet made registration forms available for the Jio 5G Unlimited Data Welcome Offer. Rather, Jio members who meet the first two requirements will have their accounts randomly credited with the incentive.
  • This special deal is only available to current Jio customers; new SIM purchases are not eligible for this offer.
  • If you meet the first two requirements, you may now kick back and wait to hear from Jio about the Jio Welcome Offer.
  • You will get the SMS or WhatsApp message below if your Jio account is credited with the Jio 5G Welcome promotion.
  • Open the My Jio app to verify or double-check if the Jio 5G Welcome Offer has been applied to your account.
  • Use the Jio cell number that you used to obtain the welcome offer to log in. SMS
  • Press the hamburger menu button, then choose “My plans.”
  • There will also be notice of the promotional 5G offer’s validity and unlimited data pack.

How to check If Jio Number is Eligible for Jio Welcome Offer?

Open the My Jio app on your phone to see whether your Jio Number qualifies for or has already been credited with the Jio Welcome Offer.

  • Enter your Jio Number to log in.
  • Select True 5G on the app’s homepage.
  • If the option is not shown, put 5G into the search field and choose True 5G.
  • Congratulations! will appear on the screen that follows. You’ve been promoted to the 5G life.
  • Click the “Verify 5G Readiness” button.
  • You may check whether or not the Jio Welcome Offer has been applied to your number on the following screen.

5G Unlimited Data Jio Expected Plan 2024

Indian prepaid consumers may get Jio’s “Happy New Year Offer 2024”. Notably, the telecom provider updated its previous yearly prepaid plan. The New Year offer adds 24 days to its 365-day validity. Currently, only the Rs. 2,999 plan has this. Customers pay less each day due to the longer validity time, but plan benefits stay the same.

In a Terms and Conditions page on its website, Reliance-owned network service provider explained that the long-term prepaid recharge plan of Rs. 2,999 will come with a 24-day validity voucher that will extend the plan’s validity by 24 days after its 365-day validity runs out, giving it 389 days. The plan may be bought on Jio’s website or app.

Benefits throughout those 24 extra days will be the same as during the plan. Only the customer’s daily cost will drop from Rs. 8.21 to Rs. 7.70. Users will get 2.5GB of 4G data every day for 389 days with this subscription.
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