These are all the destinations you’ll need to pay extra to visit this year

These are all the destinations you’ll need to pay extra to visit this year

This year, international travel is forecast to bounce back to the highest levels since 2019 – and while that’s great news for the tourism industry in general, many cities, attractions and entire regions are suffering under the weight of overtourism. The potential for damage to historic sites, unhinged tourist behaviour and the simple issue of overcrowding are all … Read more

This surprising city was the world’s most visited in 2024

This surprising city was the world’s most visited in 2024

Think of a busy, tourist-magnet city, and the likes of London, Paris or Bangkok probably spring to mind. But, according to Euromonitor International, not one of those hubs claimed the top spot for most-visited city in 2023. It was actually Istanbul that saw the most international arrivals last year. Türkiye’s economic and cultural capital welcomed a whopping 20.2 million visitors in 2023, and for 2024 that number’s … Read more

Turkey teeth and hair transplants: the rise and rise of cosmetic tourism

Whether scrolling through Instagram or hate-watching Love Island, you’re bound to have spotted them. Those dazzling fresh sets of pearly-white veneers. Once known as the Hollywood smile, they’ve now – due to where they’re commonly procured – earned the nickname ‘Turkey teeth’. Alongside popular cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty, boob jobs, BBLs and botox, these blinding sets of synthetic gnashers have … Read more

David Warner Retirement 2024, Biography, Early Life, Records & Achievements

David Warner Retirement: In the days preceding his last Test match, Australian batsman David Warner declared his departure from one-day international (ODI) cricket. Before the start of the current series with Pakistan, the 37-year-old had declared the end of his career from Test cricket. David Warner Retirement 2024 In the run-up to his last Test … Read more

Rythu Bandhu Scheme: Eligibility, Release Date & Status

Rythu Bandhu Scheme

Rythu Bandhu Scheme: In order to increase agricultural output and revenue for Telangana state’s farmers, the Telangana government’s Agriculture and Farmer Welfare Department will release the Rythu Bandhu Scheme expected in December 2023. Rythu Bandhu Scheme The Telangana government launched the Rythu Bandhu Scheme, also called the Farmer’s Investment Support Plan (FISS), in 2018 as a welfare program … Read more

Telangana Free Bus Travel: Eligibility & Services

Telangana Free Bus Travel (TSRTC)

Telangana Free Bus Travel: The Telangana Free bus Travel Scheme has been in operation since 9 December 2023, 1:30 pm. Under this scheme female and transgender who are citizens of Telangana can travel in TSRTC buses for free. Telangana Free Bus Travel Scheme Telangana started the free bus travel service in TSRTC for Women, girls and transgenders. … Read more

ILT20 2024: Schedule, Fixtures, Venue, Teams & Streaming

ILT20 2024

ILT20 2024: The second season of ILT20 is scheduled for 2024. The competition begins on January 19, 2024, and the championship match is set for February 17, 2024. ILT20 2024 Schedule Less than a month before the start of its second season, the UAE-based ILT20 which is one of the top franchise-run T20 leagues globally despite … Read more

Republic Bank Tax Refunds: Eligibility, Schedule & Benefits

Republic Bank Tax Refunds

Republic Bank Tax Refunds: On January 22, the IRS will open its doors for e-filing. But that’s where Republic Bank steps in to make your life easier. With their Refund Transfers and Easy Advances, you no longer have to wait a long time for paper check delays. Republic Bank Tax Refund Solutions With over 25 … Read more

2024 Canada Child Tax Increase: Eligibility, Application, & Payment

Canada Child Tax

Canada Child Tax: The CCB is a tax-free monthly payment designed to help with the cost of raising children under 18. The maximum annual benefit for families with children under 6 rose to $7,437, while the maximum for children aged 6-17 increased to $6,275. Canada Child Tax Increase  Canada Child Benefit (CCB) program, run by the Canada … Read more